April, 2014

We Have reopened our online store. Visit us at slotcarstore.net

Feb. 2014

F1 and StockCar wheels will be made in aluminum only

CanAm / GT Coupe will be available in aluminum and magnesium

HVR BallBearing Front Wheels are here!

Can-Am, Coupe wheels:

Dimensions: .490" diameter, and .250" wide

Wieght: .8 grams bare, 1.8 grams with rubber, and 2.5 grams with bearings (other brand bearings may very)

F1, StockCar wheels:

Dimensions: .490" diameter, and .400" wide


1.2 grams bare

F1 - 2.7 grams with rubber, 3.4 grams with bearings

StockCar - 2.9 grams with rubber, 3.6 grams with bearings

Key features:

Our wheels totally assembled are lighter than the standard non bearing wheels out now!

Our exclusive Truing Adapter makes mounting you own rubber a snap,

simply mount your rubber as you would your rears, install the adapter on your Hudy or other machine,

slide on your assembled wheel with bearings, and true!